Website Design Services in Wrexham, North Wales

Llangollen Town There are easier ways to promote your business in and around Wrexham!

Sinclair Design is a small firm with a big punch. We develop cutting-edge, cloud-based software for clients at home and abroad, whilst also offering a highly personalised website design service for businesses in and around Wrexham (Wrecsam). Our cloud-based website Content Management System, Site System, is fast, up-to-the-minute, and features a back-end interface which is one of the most intuitive available. It gives you straightforward tools with which to manage your website without needing any technical knowledge beyond basic browser skills (see these screen shots).

We'll ensure that your new website conforms with your existing identity system, or we'll create a fresh new look if required, calling on our decades of experience as corporate communications specialists. Once the uniquely branded shell of your new website is ready, we'll guide you through the process of adding pages of content appropriate to your business. With the knowledge of how to manage your website's content, comes the ability to change and update it whenever you need to, without any extra fees. You don't even have to worry about the technicalities of making it responsive on mobile devices, as Site System takes care of all this for you.

Your website will be hosted on our private cloud of dedicated servers in mainland Europe, meaning that your Wrexham website will remain fast and accessible even when the wider internet is busy. We don't pack hundreds or thousands of websites into single servers like many hosting providers do; we give each one room to breath and grow by allocating it a generous amount of resources. Should you run into problems during your website build - maybe you don't know which feature is best to use on a given page, or you're not sure if a particular photo will look good on a mobile phone - help is just a phone call away. Or if you prefer face-to-face contact, our office is located about 20 minutes west of Wrexham Maelor Hospital, in Bryneglwys (through Coedpoeth and left at LLandegla)

Website Support Services

The prospect of building an effective and professional looking website can be both daunting and exciting, but there might be some things that you'd prefer to leave to us. That's fine; you can cherry-pick our support services if you wish. For example, we could take care of your domain names and your email services, or we could enhance or manipulate selected website images. We can assist with copywriting and content research, or we could even populate your entire website from scratch. Look under 'Services' in the top menu and you will find details of the more specialised services on offer beyond the standard levels of assistance that come with Site System.

Wrexham Website Search Engine Optimisation

Once your new Wrexham website goes live, it will need a strategy of progressive optimisation if it is to be found by your prospective customers. This means delving into a discipline that demands time and commitment, the former often eluding the successful businessman. If required, we have in-house expertise to help analyse and manage the performance of your website using Google Analytics and Google's Webmaster Tools. We can also set-up and manage social network accounts appropriate to your business, all as per your instructions. Establishing an ongoing Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation plan takes skill and understanding, which is certainly something we are able to help with.

Selling Products Online

Keeping up to date with the world of internet retailing has never been easier with our ecommerce solution, Merchant System. If your business involves selling products or services online from your Wrexham offices, take a look at our feature-packed ecommerce system, which has been developed with both you and your prospective customers in mind. At the core of Merchant System lies OpenCart, a world-class MVC retailing engine which already powers thousands of online stores across the planet – yet we have managed to extend it into something even better. We have made it fully responsive for mobile devices, and have added the ability to manage hundreds of secondary information pages alongside the normal product pages and shop functions. It also happens to look stunning, because we are, when all is said and done, a design consultancy.

Merchant System can hold an almost unlimited number of products, categories and manufactures, especially as we know how to keep it running speedily with many thousands of items for sale. It is multi-store, multi-language, multi-currency, and has features such as product options, comparisons, reviews and ratings, which are also very important if your customers are to talk about your website and share their experiences with their friends. Everything you need to get your online retail operation out to the wider world from Wrexham, is available from Sinclair Design. Tell me more