Website Design Services in Corwen, Denbighshire

Corwen Town There are easier ways to promote your business in and around Corwen!

We are based in Corwen and we develop complex cloud-based business management software for national and international hotel and motorsport clients. We also offer affordable website design services for businesses in and around North Wales. Our website Content Management System (CMS), Site System, allows you to manage your website's content without any technical understanding of how the website works - its back-end interface is one of the most intuitive available (see these screen shots).

We take care of your website's unique look and feel, ensuring that it follows your existing identity system, and then we make sure that it works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones. We host your website not on an overcrowded server in Corwen, but on our private cloud of dedicated servers in Germany and France - the same fast, multi-redundant platform used to host our mission-critical business management systems. This means that your Corwen website will remain accessible and speedy even when the wider internet is busy. All you have to do is to focus on the content that you wish to publish, but even then we are just a phone call away if you need any help, and our office is just ten minutes drive from Corwen's shops, in nearby Bryneglwys on the A5104 Llandegla Road.

Secondary Website Services

If required, we can manage your domain name and email services, and will happily give you plenty of advice on how to build an effective website in the ever-changing digital landscape of the World Wide Web. If you need more assistance with copywriting or photographic enhancement beyond telephone support, these ancillary website services are available at particularly reasonable rates (see the Services section of this website). If you don't have the time or manpower to populate your website yourself, why not ask us to do it all for you, as described on this page - you'll still be able to fully manage the site once it's ready.

Optimisation of your Corwen Website

Once the initial website design and deployment is sorted, we have in-house resources to help with your website's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). We can set up accounts with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for you, and also with the most relevant social networking sites – even managing them on an ongoing basis on your behalf if preferred. This aspect of contemporary marketing strategy requires constant attention and a long-term plan, but at its heart lies marketing techniques that have been with us since long before the internet existed. It's simply a case of reaching out to your target audience and building your brand through communication, association and reputation ...something we've been doing since our formation in 1987.

Selling Goods Online

If you are, or you wish to be, an online retailer, we have a contemporary and feature-packed ecommerce solution that looks good and is very secure. Called Merchant System, it is built around the OpenCart engine which powers thousands of ecommerce stores around the world. We've taken this sophisticated MVC core, and sprinkled it with our development magic. We've made it responsive for tablets and smart-phones, fabulous to look at, easy to use, and we've even added the ability to manage a limitless number of CMS-style information pages alongside the usual product pages and shop functionality. The system can take unlimited products, categories and manufacturers, and is multi-store, multi-currency and multi-language (meaning that you can configure every product page in English and Welsh, if you wish). It features wish-lists, product comparisons, product options, reviews and ratings; everything, in fact, that you are ever likely to need to turn your Corwen retail operation into a nationwide success. Tell me more