The Image Gallery

The Image Gallery allows you to show individually chosen images or a preselected named group. You can choose to display them with or without keylines and drop-shadows, in a range of consistent thumbnail ratios (landscape, portrait, square or widescreen), in various numbers of pictures per-row, any of which when clicked or tapped brings up a full-size slideshow with picture titles. The images can be assigned categories, which can then be used for filtering. All this works properly on any size of device. The example below shows eight pictures from the 'karting' image set, configured four-per-row, in landscape format, with keylines, drop-shadows and filtering enabled.

Two Types of Image Slider

Two types of image slider are available, each with their particular strengths. The Responsive Slider is used throughout this website and has two key features: the ability to add animated text and pictures to slides in a coordinated fashion; and the ability with touch-devices to advance or retard the slideshow by dragging the slides. As the name suggests, it is fully responsive in every way, but this also means that slides cannot be links as the 'touch' gesture (otherwise used to trigger the link) is used to advance or retard the slideshow. The Standard Slider shown below is responsive by size but is not draggable, so slides can be used as links. Text can be added across the bottom of each slide, against a dark background. Either slider allows any number of slides per block and can be used to the full width of a page if preferred.